Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much?

Had a dream that's been stuck in my head all day, would it be too Stephenie Meyer of me to write a 4 part saga based on it, each of the first three getting progressively better until it tanks into a terrible pit of poor writing and worse editing in the last one?



If the fridge could talk...

Oh boy, I have a secret to tell.

We go through a lot of Parmesan cheese in my house.

A lot.

Know why?

I eat handfuls at a time. Not even joking. I like when little balls of cheese form from you know, being in a refrigerated container, and you can easily pop them in your mouth. I usually do this when no one is looking, but I think my husband may be on to me. Its not like we have spaghetti THAT often...

What? I know you do something gross, too!