Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scott the Giant Octopus is Ready!

We're two episodes in to the second season of Imagination Movers. I was waiting to withhold judgment until seeing a bit more, but I have a few things I'd like to say.

First, its painfully obvious that Knit Knots has moved on, but what do you tell your kid about the absence of this boring bloke? I have a few cover up stories that you can use if your toddler is wondering what happened.:

1. Knit Knots Industries had to close its boring doors after the economy took a nosedive- the people have spoken and in bad times Boring products just aren't what they're looking for. This explains Nina's new wardrobe as well- its pretty clear that by working for her uncle, he was only able to pay her a pretty boring paycheck, and being family she felt like she couldn't ask for more. She's probably a barista at Starbucks now and at least she has benefits.

2. Knit Knots moved back to Borovia and is living in a flat (because flats are nice and unexciting) with his cousin Drab Dull. He plans on working as soon as he gets his visa, but there is a hold up- apparently just by being American he's a shady fellow- Americans are far too exciting, even the boring ones.

3. Knit Knots died of boredom on one nice, uneventful afternoon. His obituatry was run in the local paper as just an empty column of space in tribute to his unexciting life, and he was laid to rest in a field of dirt in a cardboard casket. The immediate family all drank Beigejuice and ate squishies in his memory, following the "One for me, one for my homies" tradition.

Feel free to use them on your own children!

Other things of note:

  • The "Huddle" joke is alive and well in the very first episode with Captain Terrific, too bad for his Terrific hearing, right guys?
  • I love a good melodica joke, and in the second episode, Scott plays "Mysterious Music" on it as the food disappears. Love!
  • Smitty goes from being the nerdy one briefly during the new brainstorming segment when his journal spins on his palm in a way that makes me weak in the knees.
  • I like the little multi-colored-stained-glass saints logo (Fleur de Lis) on the warehouse wall. Way to show your team spirit, guys- you almost make ME wish I were a Saints fan.
All episodes appear on iTunes within the next week after airing, and as a superplusbonus they're available in HD as well as standard def! SCORE- you KNOW I'll be counting the gray hairs in Scott's goatee with this new technology.