Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lady Gaga Hairbow Tutorial


So my beautiful friend Ashley asked how I made my Lady Gaga hair bow, so I figured I'd do a really lazy step by step so that anyone who wants instant awesome can make it.

Its not that hard, but it does super suck to make- you'll see why! I totally didn't put much effort into this and its not at all thought out


  • Extension hair in your color (or not. whatevs)
  • Glue gun+Glue
  • Something to make the shape of a bow- I used Latch-hook canvas because I just had it laying around, but Foam board or cardboard would probably work just as well.
  • Plastic headband
  • Yarn and rubber bands
  • Your inner Gaga
Step one:

1. Photobucket
Get some hair, you'll want just enough to cover the board and make it lush, but not so much that it is impossible to work with. basically, you'll have no way of knowing this until you're haiting your life and you have kanekalon hair glued to your fingertips.

Separate a small amount, this will be the center of your hairbow. I'm using a different color here so its easier to see, you use whatever color you want. Its your head.

Cut a square of your board/latch hook canvas you stole from an old lady. The bigger, the more fabulous, but also, the more work!

Pinch the center together and tie it with some yarn. Wow! A bow already!

Lay your hair out and place the bow on top. You'll want your hair to be tied at both ends for less frustration. Trust me.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Glue gun that shit. it doesn't have to be pretty, thats what the piece you've kept aside for. put glue over each layer you put on so that it sticks. Totally not good crafting practice, but its a gagabow. you're almost obligated to construct it poorly! Pull the hair from the other side once you have one side down.

Lay the extra piece hair flat over the pretty side of your bow and bring both of the ends together on the butt-ugly side. GLUE THAT SHIT. Pay attention to where you're glueing it, keeping in mind that the paparazzi will totally see how crappy you made this step. I like to put the "seam" on the bottom, where it'll be glued to the headband.

note how badly the back looks. yeah. like hell. deal with that in a few steps.

The front should be pretty, however. awww.

Okay, so there may be bald patches, so using your glue gun, put dabs of glue on the board and strategically hold hair in place. Use scissors to trim the stray hairs, and you can even add a coat of aqua net to tam any frizzies.

Glue it to a headband and put on a leotard, you're as Gaga as you're gonna get!

Hope this helps some of you get your Gaga on, and if you do make one, show me a picture!